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Tips & ServicesHow to Install Adjustable Metal Rod
baagus home curtain sheer malaysia adjustable metal rod DSC 9696

How to Install Adjustable Metal Rod

Tools you need

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Installation Step-by-Step

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Step 1 : Finding the Level, Marking the Holes

1. Height marking

    • Mark a level vertical line so you can get the 2 or 3 screws nice and level.
    • To find the horizontal level, measure both the left and right sides with the exact same height.

2. Mid-point of Window

    • Measure windows width and divide by 2. (Eg. Window width 240cm / 2 = 120cm)
    • Mark the mid-point of your Window on the vertical line drawn in the previous step.

Step 2 : Drill the Holes

1. Measure Drill & Wallplug Depth

    • Measure the length of the wallplug
    • Mark the length to drill bit so that you can get the desired hole’s depth

2. Drilling Holes

    • 1 hole for each bracket(based on how many brackets you needed)

Step 3 : Install Bracket

1. Install Wallplug

    • Fit in wallplug to the drilled hole
    • Hit in the wallplug with a hammer until the wallplug flat to the wall surface

2. Install Bracket

    • Screw on the bracket with hand-drill for tight fit
    • Make sure the bracket is level properly.
baagus home curtain sheer malaysia adjustable metal rod DSC 9696

Step 4 : Mounting Rod

1. Mounting Metal Rod

    • Unscrew circle knob until Metal Rod able to fit in the bracket
    • Scew in circle knob to lock Metal Rod from moving.

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